Guide To Buying Silk Comforters

Silk comforters are a luxury that not many acquire for themselves, but they're well worth the money spent on them if you know what to look for when you go to buy.

What Are Silk Comforters?

Silk comforters come in 2 different types: those comforters that are filled with silk and comforters that have a silk cover, but contain other fill in them. In either situation, either the fill or the cover is made of 100% silk floss that generally comes from Bombyx mori, Hyalophora cecropia, Samia cynthia, and Antheraea pernyi silk moths. Silk comes from other moths, but these 4 are the most common and important domesticated silk moths.

What To Look For When Buying A Silk Comforter

When considering what silk comforter you should get, price is definitely a deciding factor when it comes to what you choose. Silk comforters that have a cotton casing are less expensive, to be sure, but the experience sleeping under one is inferior to sleeping under a silk comforter with 100% silk cover and 100% silk floss fill.

Be prepared to pay a couple hundred dollars at least for a quality silk-on-silk comforter, no matter what type of silk it's made of.

Should I Buy A Handmade Or A Machine Made Silk Comforter?

In the case of handmade vs machine made silk comforters, there's a big difference in the quality of the end product. It's not like many other products where there isn't a huge amount of quality difference; in silk comforters, it's obvious.

Comforters that are handmade have the following characteristics:

The fill is layered inside the comforter in a grid-type pattern, not just stuffed into the comforter. When a machine stuffs the fill into the comforter, it tends to lump up in sections. A handmade comforter doesn't lump.

Handmade comforters are also not box stitched.

What Weight Silk Comforter Should I Buy?

This wholly depends on when you plan on using it. If it's only going to be a summer comforter for you, a lightweight one will suffice. If you're going to use it year round, a heavier one will do best if you plan to use it for the fall and winter months.

When To Buy A Cotton Covered Silk Comforter

There are a few situations where we would recommend purchasing a comforter with a cotton cover and those are when you have small children or when you have dogs.

This is because in the case of small children, it doesn't take many spills or “accidents” to start the process of ruining a $250 comforter. It's not something most parents will want to do.

In the case of dogs, if you have dogs that either get on the bed or sleep with you on the bed, even a dog that has well-manicured nails will create “picks” in your $250 comforter.

If you want the warmth and coolness of a silk comforter without the innate issues that a silk cover comes with, get the cotton covered version instead.

Or you can purchase an additional cover as protection.

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