The Best Mulberry Silk Sheets

Sleeping in the lap of luxury has never felt so good. For centuries, emperors and kings alike have slept in the finest of silks and were, for a time, only offered to them. In this day and age, it’s a lot easier to gather a set of mulberry silk sheets. They are quite expensive, but no other material feels as good nor do they offer a status symbol of wealth and power. Mulberry silk sheets are the epitome of comfort and status. Make yourself feel like royalty by fitting your bed with them.

What is mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is the highest class of silk sheets that money can buy. Silk is made from moth caterpillars, leaving behind a luscious cocoon of protein produced by the small insect. These are harvested in the wild and in captivity, producing the finest of silks for consumption. They are woven into the beautiful sheets and products you have come to love. Originally only supplied to emperors and kings of old, the use of silk has only gotten more wide-spread since.

Why is mulberry silk special?

Mulberry silk is one of the healthiest choices you can go with when it comes to sheets. Since it is made of protein, it is hypoallergenic and temperature regulatory. Hypoallergenic means your sheets your sheets are less likely to gather allergens and odors when you sleep in them. Temperature-regulating sheets will match your body temperature for the most part, making your sheets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These are especially good for people with night sweats or allergies!

What silk sheets should I buy?

The more you spend on the sheets, the better quality they’ll be made in. There are different types of silk sheets, but mulberry sheets are the best of the best. They are created from silkworms, making it completely authentic. There are some silk imitations out there, so you have to be willing to shell out a few hundred dollars for a good set.

Here are the best Mulberry silk sheets.

OOSilk Mulberry Charmeuse

Silk Sheets Set

OOSilk comes to you with a special four-piece set of 100% mulberry silk sheets. This set of sheets carries all the same qualities of those royal sheets of old. They’re hypoallergenic and temperature-regulatory, making them last a long time and viable through any time of the year. Some may even be under the impression that these sheets are slippery—they’re not! You won’t fall out of them and they’ll give you the most comfortable night you can imagine.

This set comes with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillow cases.

Colors: Black, White, Ivory, Pink, Red, Taupe, Navy Blue, Purple, Silver Grey, Royal Blue

LILYSILK 4Pcs Silk Bedding Sheets

One of the most customizable sheet sets you can find, LilySilk brings you a variety of naturally-dyed colors to your silk sheets. While they are 100% mulberry silk, you will have the easiest time matching them to your bedroom. What’s more, the manufacturer guarantees these sheets will not fade for a long time, making them vibrant and shiny for years to come. Your room will be tied together with these beautiful sheets.

This set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

Colors: Black, White, Ivory, Blue, Orchid, Silver Grey, Light Blue, Pale Turquoise, Light Plum, Dark Teal, Coffee, Violet, Chocolate, Taupe, Gold

Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Sheet Set

This seamless silk set will keep you comfortable all night long. These sheets almost seem to float along the bed and will let you feel as if you were sleeping on clouds. The silky, smooth sheets will caress your body in ways unimaginable. The natural amino acids will assist in keeping your skin and hair smooth and moisturized. These come in a variety of sizes, so even if you have a California king, you’ll have a variety of options!

This set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

Colors: Black, White, Gold, Light Blue, Dark Red, Light Red, Dark Blue, Chocolate, Silver

Orose 4Pc Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set

Orose brings us a deep-pocket set of sheets to gain better traction along your bed. They are perfect for any bed big or small, but make sure you grab the correct size! This sheet set is machine-washable, but make sure you read the washing instructions. These sheets are ideal for people with night problems like night sweats or allergies, considering they regulate temperature and ward off allergens and bacteria!

This set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

Colors: White, Black, Ivory, Chocolate, Royal Blue, Grey, Taupe, Light Blue, Pink

THXSilk Snow 4Pc Silk Sheet Set

Taihu is one of the top silk providers from China. If you want some authentic silk sheets, they are one of your best bets to go through. Taihu brings you 100% mulberry sheets of a variety of colors, but also comes in twin sizes. If you want your rooms to match each other or you want your children to experience the comforts of silk sheets, this is your choice. If you have night sweats or have sensitivity to allergens, you should try these out. Silk is as beautiful as it is healthy!

Colors: Black, White, Chocolate, Metallic Gold, Ivory White, Dark Thistle, Dark Magenta, Charm Pink, Burgundy Red, Artichoke Green, Vanilla, Silver