The Best Mulberry Silk Nightgowns

Men and women alike love the feel of silk against their skin at night. The bed isn’t the only place you can enjoy it! Sheets are great, but you can also get pure mulberry silk as a nightgown or pajamas. While they are pure silk, many of them come with beautiful designs to show off your own personal creativity and appreciation for art. Enjoy an entire night filled with this wonderful, healthy material to keep your skin moisturized and soft.

Why a silk night gown?

Silk has been a status of royalty and wealth for ages. There’s a good reason for it! Not only is it some of the most beautiful material around, but it also provides some healthy benefits. Because it’s a protein created from silkworms, silk is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and temperature-regulatory. This means that it wards off allergens, prevents odors longer, and it matches your body temperature. Not only that, but it keeps your skin moisturized and slows age wrinkles!

Silk is produced by silkworms when going through metamorphosis into a moth. The cocoons they spin are what silk is. It is harvested and spun into the beautiful material that kings and queens have come to sleep in. If you want a healthy environment in your bedroom, then a silk nightgown is the best bet for you! Not only that, but it will look great on your body, giving your appeal a boost, even if you don’t need it.

Which should you buy?

There is a lot of silk imitation out there. Only the brands that mark their product with 100% mulberry silk will be authentic. You’ll have to pay quite a bit for a pure silk nightgown, but it’s definitely worth it. Only the most expensive nightgowns will provide you with all the qualities of pure silk, so be sure you look deep into your purchase. Silk is also measured in “momme”, which is a weight measurement. The more the momme, the heavier and thicker the silk.

Here are the best Mulberry silk nightgowns.

LilySilk Lace Silk Nightgown Bathrobe Set

LilySilk has a variety of silk products for you to choose from and nightgowns are no exception. They come to you with a beautiful lace silk nightgown of multiple colors, coming with an outer robe and inner pajamas set. It is 22 momme, making it a thicker type of silk. For reference, 19 momme is about the thickness you’d be able to find in silk sheets. These pieces of nightwear will keep you comfortable through the seasons and give you a great night’s rest.

Colors: Black, Claret, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Violet, White

TexereSilk Black Silk Nightgown Robe Set

This nightgown set comes with a beautiful design of desert flowers. The delicate material has a hand-painted, artistic take on a floral design that can match your love for art. It is black with green and pink additions. The set is 16 momme, making it a bit thinner than most silken products, so it will feel light and airy on your body. While it may not keep you incredibly warm in the winter time, it’s one you’ll feel comfortable wearing all the time.

Colors: Black

Grace Batwing-Sleeved Mulberry Silk Nightgown

Grace Scarves brings you another set of floral-design nightgowns, but it has a much larger selection! These batwing-sleeved mulberry nightgowns will keep you comfortable and give you a slight taste of Eastern culture. With one-size fits all, you won’t have to worry about inches. These gowns are 18 momme, so they’re almost about the thickness of most silk sheets you’d find on a bed. These will continue making your nights comfortable and light any time during the year!

Colors: Rose, Blue, Multicolored, Red, Yellow, Black, Various Designs

Old Shanghai Women's Silk Kimono

In the style of Japanese kimono, this nightgown will also give you a taste of Eastern culture to enjoy on a nightly basis. These beautiful robe-styled nightgowns are hand-painted with cherry blossoms, cranes, and peacocks. It’s one size fits most and fits up to 43″ at chest and hip with a 52″ length. These gowns come in 16 momme, making it a bit lighter than silk sheets, but it will give you a breathable, lightweight experience to make you feel like you’re floating.

Colors: Cherry Blossom–Black, White, Mist, Teal, Plum, Navy. Crane–Teal, Black, Plum. Floral, Peacock White, Peacock Black

Julianna Rae Silk Pajamas

One of the most comfortable robes on the market to date, Julianna Rae brings you a fine-fitting set of pajamas of 100% mulberry silk. This button-up set of nightwear was featured on television, further proving its glamor and luxury. It comes with a top and bottom with a 19 momme weight, making it as silky and light as your sheets in your bed. Ignore your alarm and coffee—these may make you want to stay in bed!

Colors: Dewberry, Alabaster, Zinc, Sweet Pea