The Best Mulberry Silk Comforters of 2017

To tie in all your beautiful silk sheets, you’ll need a comforter to add to them. While silk sheets are the epitome of beauty and health, they won’t always keep you the warmest! You’ll need a bit of a heavier blanket to keep you from icing over in the winter. While there are some season-specific comforters out there, most can be purchased in an all-season form. They don’t have the most intricate designs, but they are all 100% mulberry silk!

What are silk comforters?

A comforter is a heavy, sometimes-seasonal blanket that goes on top of your sheets. It is good for decoration or using during the night.

It’s a large, flat bag-like blanket that is filled with some sort of insulator. In this case, it’s filled with silk!

If you don’t know what silk is, it is a protein that silkworms spin when turning into a moth. These cocoons are harvested and spun into the material you've come to love so passionately!

Why get a silk comforter?

While there are some nice comforters out there, not many of them can boast the properties of silk.

They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and thermal-regulatory.

They are the epitome of health and assist in keeping your skin and hair moisturized, slow wrinkling in your skin, and keep you feeling refreshed after a long night’s sleep.

Which should you buy?

There are a lot of silk comforters out there, so you will have to make a personal decision on which style you want.

Some of these options come with a summer or winter comforter, but most of them have an “all seasons” selection, which is probably your best bet.

All of them are made with 100% mulberry silk, so you can bet they will match your beautiful mulberry silk sheets!

Here are the best Mulberry silk comforters.

OOSILK Mulberry Silk Comforter

OOSilk brings you a beautiful white comforter that can be used in the summer, winter, or through all seasons.

There are multiple sizes to choose from, including twin and full! This comforter is filled with 100% mulberry silk, making it light, breathable, and fluffy.

The hypoallergenic properties will keep it from attracting those nasty sneeze-inducing particles while also keeping you cool or warm during the summer or winter seasons!

Colors: White

LILYSILK All Season Silk Comforter

If you don’t want to fit your entire bed with silk sheets, but still want to get that silky feeling, then a comforter may be the best choice for you.

It comes with the same benefits as other silk sheets, considering it is 100% mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk carries the same properties as the other silk sheets, being hypoallergenic and temperature regulatory, so you don’t have to worry about it gathering odor and you can enjoy it through all the seasons.

Colors: White

THXSILK Luxury All Season Silk Covered Silk Comforter

If you don’t want a silk-filled comforter and would prefer an all-silk comforter, this is the one you want!

These beautiful comforters are 100% silk inside and out, making them match your silk sheets completely if you prefer.

There is a variety of colors to choose from and will give you the same quality of sleep you have come to love from your sheets.

These also come in a variety of sizes, so you can let your children sleep in the lap of luxury as well.

Colors: White, Chocolate, Silver, Burgundy Red, Charm Pink, Dark Magenta, Dark Thistle, Metallic Gold, Spalding Grey

Moon’s Sleepwares Silk Comforter

This top quality silk comforter is a value offer that will be sure to tie your bed together.

Beautiful and comfortable, Moon's Seepwares silk comforter is filled with 100% mulberry silk, making it breathable, lightweight, and perfect for all types of weather.

There are multiple options available, whether you want one for the summer, winter, or both! The temperature-regulating properties will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It lasts for years and you will find yourself living in the lap of luxury for a long time.

Colors: White

Soft Silker Silk Comforter

This comforter is popular among singles and young couples.

It has high reviews and provides satisfaction among most of them.

It is filled with 100% mulberry silk, bringing to you all of the special qualities of silk sheets and the other silk comforters.

If you have night sweats or allergies, this is will make your nights just as good.

The temperature-regulation matches your body heat while your allergies will be saved with the naturally-repelling properties.

While not having the most choices in sense of season, this comforter can be a bargain with its quality!

Colors: White